Photos of the Area
How to find Carrbridge
Glasgow and Edinburgh are about 2.5 hour drive. Flights from Luton/Gatwick/Heathrow/ Manchester to Inverness are available and you can hire a car and save time driving from the South.
Carrbridge is approx. 30 miles from Inverness Airport
 There is a regular train service to Aviemore from London, Glasgow and
 Edinburgh. Some of the trains do stop at Carrbridge.

 There is a regular bus service to Aviemore from Inverness, Glasgow and
 Aviemore is 8 miles from Carrbridge and there is a small bus service between the two. There are also plenty of taxis.

 If traveling by car Carrbridge is just off the A9 Road.
 When you arrive to the village drive to the centre and find the Village Hall and Church. Then turn into Carr Road just opposite Village Hall and you will see Carrmoor Guest House on the left hand side of the road a short distance away.
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